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Applet Name Description
Breakout! If you grew up in the 80's you shouldn't need instructions!! Use your mouse to move the paddle. This is actually very fun...and addictive. Use with care, as you may find yourself unable to quit playing.
ConsultTree The ConsultTree Site Explorer, in the style of Windows Explorer, creates site maps and formats numerous links in an economy of space. The tree supports an unlimited number of branches, target parameter for each URL link, customizable applet background color and more.
MenuScroll Menu Scroll applet can provide any website with a professional looking navigation system. Create a text-only menu, or combine both text and images. Almost every aspect of Menu Scroll is customizable, so the applet can blend in seemlessly in any website.
SillyScroll Silly Scroll applet features 5 different text effects. Scroll your text smoothly from left to right, right to left, or vertically. You can even have your text fly in from the bottom, or grow one letter at a time!
slidescroll slidescroll is a sliding tree applet that combines the best of ConsultTree and VertTextScroller to produce a navigation tree that scrolls! Create site maps and format numerous links in an economy of space. The applet supports mouse-over highlighting, and word wrap of long labels to the next line.
SlideShow The Slide Show applet is a variation on the popular Vertical Text Scroller. This applet features the same smooth scroll, along with the added ability to display images. Create a slide show of your favorite photographs, or use the applet to display both text and images together.
VertTextScroller Vertical Text Scroller applet features smooth scrolling, manual or automatic pausing, highlighted URL links, error checking, and many fonts, styles, and colors to choose from.The scrolling guest book on this page is but one example of its many uses.
John Donohue's Lunar Lander Use the space bar for the landing thruster and the left/right arrow keys to spin the lander. Try to land on the blue landing pads. Land succesfully and you get half your fuel back. Courtesy of John Donohue.
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