Easy Setup

The easiest way to set up the applet on your site is to start with the applet code found on this page. Use notepad and cut and paste the applet parameters from the sample HTML file into your HTML file. Then try it out and customize it for your site. Please note, after you change the HTML file you must hit 'reload' on your browser to view the changes (sometimes you must close the browser and reopen it to see the changes).

Note: It is very important that you do not modify or remove the copyright parameter. This will cause a message stating that the applet is "unregistered."

Who's using this applet?

The ConsultScroll Vertical Text Scroller can be seen in action at several major websites, including: See how thousands of other sites are using the applet: Search AltaVista

What the scroller does not support

The following features are not supported by the applet: